Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Here's what's going on at Bahn Dteng Kwaa these days:

I planted a little garden, thanks to my dad's efforts at getting soil and making my planting beds all pretty.

Here is what I planted. I hope at least some of it grows!

  1. Back row: Peas (with some errant arrowheads from before)
  2. Third row:  Chili peppers and eggplants
  3. Second row: Chinese kale and flowering bok choy
  4. Front row: Water spinach (with miracle berry on the left and my ailing cyclamen on the right)

I put in some sticks so I can tell where the rows are.

My little water garden is spruced up, with some new plants and happy little guppies

My little girlie with her shaved tummy after coming back from getting spayed at the vet. Not that it fazed her

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