Monday, November 12, 2012

Plant A Seed Camp!

My first major project at site is finished! I have been working on an environmental camp for the past month, teaching environmental themes and English vocabulary to students ages 9-16 at my local school over the 9th and 10th. We taught 6 lessons about exploring nature and how to help the earth and got to play around with the awesome kids at my school. I invited 5 other volunteers from around the north (Kayla, Nora, Jay, Sima, and Kathleen) to help teach, and we had a great time! Check it out:

Kids sitting at the opening ceremony

Kru Kriangkrai, the English teacher, helped me translate things and was an immensely useful counterpart

Lots of teachers and officers from the SAO showed up to help (and get free tshirts)

Playing Bear Bug Frog

One of my Mateom classes at my Meet a Tree lesson

Going to investigate some trees while blindfolded (they were cheating rampantly, but it was still a lot of fun)

Where is your tree?

How a seed grows - and kids got to plant their own to take home

There was an impromptu jam session at lunch in the music room

Kathleen teaching Plant a Seed class

Jay teaching Meet a Tree

Kayla teaching Plant a Seed

All the volunteers stayed at my house for two nights

Kayla and Sima whipped up an amazing dinner

On day 2, I got to do a scavenger hunt with 4th-6th graders

Looking for bugs

I love this school!


  1. Is Bear, Bug, Frog like Giants, Wizards, and Elves from CHVE and Mr. Anderson? Such a fun game, and a good idea! All these activities look like they were a success! I'm so glad it went well and your hard work paid off.

    1. Exactly! Haha Mr. Anderson! Yeah it mostly went pretty well. . . some of the big group activities were slightly lackluster because we had kids in such a large spread of age groups, so some of the older ones weren't as jazzed about the games as the younger ones. But yeah it was really fun.